Short Story

‘Just Another Woman’

My eyes were locked on the ground as the tears slid down my cheeks.

I wanted to scream, I wanted to punch something, I wanted to know why.

He broke his promise. He lied.

I raised my head and stared at the coffin sitting over a six-foot hole.

The smooth surface of the coffin used as a table to hold the dozens of flowers.

All around the deep hole in the ground, people gathered.

Their bodies cloaked in darkness as tears escaped their sorrow filled eyes.

He told me that he would be strong.

He told me that he would be safe.

He told me that he would come home.

He lied.

I stepped forward as the sound of bullets filled the air.

I placed my hand on the coffin and closed my eyes.

His large blue eyes peered at me and a smile played on his lips.

I let my hand slowly slip off the coffin and dropped to my knees.

Raising my head towards the sky, praying for God to take me too.

Yet nothing happened.

I bowed my head as his lifeless body was lowered into the ground.

I pulled myself to my feet as the men in uniforms walked my way.

They placed the folded flag in my arms and said their condolences.

I nodded, turned and disappeared into the crowd.

I was just another woman who lost her love, her life, her soul.

Another woman who must continue in life knowing that her soulmate was gone.

I walked to the little boy standing next to the tree where I had told him to wait.

My knees gave out once again and he put his hand on my shoulder.

His large blue eyes staring at me.

I could see the pain in them, the pain of losing his father, the pain of seeing his mother like this.

I took him into my arms and held him tight.

I am now just another woman who must go on with her life and try to be happy, for the sake of her child.

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