I was recently asked to do a blog post about my tattoos and what tattoos I plan on getting next. Keep in mind, I do not have a lot, only six, but I plan on getting a whole lot more.




Price: $60
My first tattoo, I got when I was eighteen years old in my dining room.
It is a tattoo that I actually plan on covering (no shocker there) The reason behind these small wings is because my dad has an angel tattoo on his shoulder, so I figured it would be nice to get angel wings.


Price: $240
My second tattoo, I got around nineteen years old, and it was my first tattoo I got in an actual shop.
I got this tattoo because sparrows can be used to symbolize loyalty to a family.


Price: $80
My third tattoo, I got at the age of twenty-five.
This tattoo was done by an artist I have used ever since and plan on continuing to use. The reason behind this tattoo is: MY MOM! We wanted matching tattoos and had decided on two elephants. One is slightly taller, which resembles the mom and the shorter one is the child.

May 29, 2017

Price: $200
My fourth tattoo I got at twenty-five as well.
This tattoo is actually a sailor moon tattoo, which not a lot of people realize. The moon is for Sailor Moon and the rose is for Tuxedo Mask. BUT, the rose is also my birth flower!


Price: $600
My fifth tattoo was a larger piece, which I also got a twenty-five.
This tattoo has four flowers, which are the birth flowers for my two sons and my parents. I plan on expanding the tattoo all the way down my arm, with birth flowers of my brothers and flowers that mean a lot to me.


Price: $100
My sixth tattoo I got at twenty-six (this year) and it is my first tattoo with words!
It says “My Heart I Surrender” with a cross at the end because I have surrendered my heart to God. Yes, there is a song “My Heart I Surrender” by I Prevail, but my tattoo doesn’t have any relation to that, although it is a good song.


That’s it, those are my tattoos! I told you, it wasn’t a whole lot!



Finishing my left sleeve, all black and white
Right sleeve, all color
Both sides
Full back
Back of neck
Another small chest tattoo

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