from the trees to the sky

FREE Copy of My Novel ‘From the Trees to the Sky’

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I suppose the title is a bit click bait, BUT it’s also true!
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If you have made it this far in this blog post then let me explain to you what my book is about.

“From the Trees to the Sky” is a YA fantasy novel, now don’t let the “YA” part get you, I assure you that this book is for people of all ages! I have many people from ages 14 to 60+ who have loved my book!

In ‘From the Trees to the Sky’ we follow the life of Alexandra Lune who goes from being a happy and normal teenager living in Florida with her parents to a depressed, heartbroken teenager living in Libby, Montana with her uncle, aunt, and four cousins.
One day, she is ditched at school and decides to take matters into her own hands and starts walking even though she was still very new to that area. Inevitably, Alexandra gets lost and runs into a man who is willing to show her the way back to school, only this man has ulterior motives and sends Alexandra running through the streets, desperate to escape.
Now, you may be thinking, ‘Jeez, this girl seriously has bad luck.” and you won’t be totally wrong.
Thankfully, she is saved by a sixteen-year-old boy who was in the right place at the right time, at least that’s lucky, right? Well, this boy offers to walk her back to the school in hopes that her uncle is there looking for her, and that is when he introduces himself. The hero’s name is Finn Skye.
Over the next few chapters, the two become inseparable and little by little Alexandra can feel her heart beginning to heal from her past.
Well, it isn’t long until our handsome Finn Skye falls head over heels for the always kind and compassionate, Alexandra Lune. Only, he won’t allow himself to love her until she knows his secret.
Finn Skye is a fallen angel descendant.
Alexandra freaks out, of course, and Finn tells her that he will be waiting until she is ready.
Here comes another ‘of course’, Alexandra is able to come to terms with what Finn is because of everything her parents had taught her about not judging a person based on what they look like or who they are or where they are from.
Fast forward a few more chapters, all of her questions are answered and Finn and his brother Aaron point out that they believe Alexandra has a pure soul. Well, this pure soul puts our little Alexa in grave danger as there are evil fallen angels who wish to reproduce with women who have pure souls in order to have children whom will be half fallen angel with a pure soul, meaning they are stronger than the heavenly angels.
Now, these evil angels want to use these children in an army to take over heaven because they are angry that God had cast out their ancestors so many years ago.

Alexandra’s heart belongs to a fallen angel and she is wanted by an evil man to help create an army to take over heaven. Yeah, her life is anything but simple.

If this, at all, interests you and you want to get a FREE copy with kindle unlimited, then head on over to the Amazon page and get yourself a copy!

The Amazon Page

If you would like to support a fellow writer and would like to buy a copy, well I would be MUCH obliged.
The Kindle version is $2.99 and the paperback version is $12.99

The Amazon Page AGAIN

I have had over 100 purchases and though only a few have left a review, a lot has told me in person how much they liked my book.
But, if you want some reviews, well HERE YOU GO:

Click and Scroll Down for Reviews

Now, if you do purchase this book, whether free or not, please please please leave a review.
Reviews are SO important, I even wrote a blog about it!


If you made it this far in this blog post, well I applaud and thank you for sticking around! Seriously, it means a lot to me. Thank you for reading!



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