Now Accepting ARCs

Hello readers, both new and not so new!

So, this post is different than my usual stuff, this one is about ARCs!!!

If you don’t know what an ARC is, I will post the definition here:

“An ARC is an advance release of a book, usually sent to reviews before the final copy of the book is published. Advance Reader Copies are also known as Review Copies”

Not every ARC is a new copy, for example, mine is not.
My ARC is for my book which I published a year ago.

Anywho, I have thought for a while about this and have decided that I will now be accepting ARCs.

In return for these ARCs, I will post an honest review right here on my blog, as well as Amazon or Goodreads!

The reason I thought about doing an ARC book review on my blog is that I am actually looking for a few people to receive an ARC for my book:
From the Trees to the Sky

In return for getting a free ARC copy of my book, they will leave an honest review on Amazon and maybe even their own blog/vlog.

Reviews are very important, I have made a blog post about why not too long ago, in fact.

The Importance of a Book Review!

If you are interested in sending me an ARC of your book or maybe you would like an ARC of mine, email me at:

Serious inquiries only, please.

I will accept both eBooks and paperbacks for now.



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