The Importance of a Book Review!

More than one hundred people have bought my book, and yet I only have eight reviews on Amazon and five on Goodreads. So, I post pictures on my social media’s to help remind my followers and buyers to leave a review.

You may not realize this, but book reviews are very important, and a lack of them may even be detrimental for book sales!

Now, you may be asking, “Why? Why is it so important that I leave a review?”

Well, here is the answer:

Reviews tell the author how people feel about their books, which can be very beneficial to that author! Yes, even a bad review can be helpful, not wanted, but still helpful.

Reviews are great for marketing, they give you ‘bragging rights’, of sorts. With each five stars review you share with your audience, the more interested they become! Why? Because they see that others have enjoyed the book and it makes them want to buy it.

No reviews equal no sales.
It’s that simple.

It doesn’t matter how wonderful the book is, if there are no reviews or very little reviews, then there will be no one tempted to buy that book.

Plus, with reviews, you are helping other readers determine if a book is worth it.

By leaving a review, you are not only helping the author, but you are also helping your fellow readers.

So, get out there, read some books and be sure to remember to leave a review!


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