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‘Sparrows by Laura Mae’ Book Review


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I received Sparrows from the author, Laura Mae in exchange for an honest review. So, let’s get this started!

It took me longer than expected to read this book, but that was my own fault. Life happens. So, when I was finally able to sit and read it, I was excited.

Personally, I never judge a book or its story by the first few chapters, and even if I’m not liking the story I will continue to read it because I feel every author deserves to have their book, their hard work, their “baby”, read until the complete end.

So, with how Sparrows started, I am glad that I always have that in mind because, if I’m being honest, I found the first chapter to be a bit boring and that carried on for a few more chapters. Though, I also found the first five or so chapters of Fliers boring as well and ended up liking the book. So, with that in mind, plus my outlook on all books, I kept reading!

I found very little mistakes, and the ones I found were so small that I cannot even remember what they were anymore!

Some of the characters were charming and funny, others were annoying, but I assume that was how Laura Mae wanted to portray the characters.
Syd was a badass, of course.

But my favorite had to be Raoul; I loved his spirit, his personality, everything.

Though the book started off slow and I often found myself setting it down and doing something else, by the end I was glad that I continued to read it. I liked the characters and the storyline.

I am giving Sparrows a rating of 3.75.

Thank you for the ARC Laura Mae.

(Enjoy my little edit of the book)


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