Pregnancy After a Miscarriage

Pregnancy after a miscarriage.

It’s terrifying. So very terrifying.

You spend almost every moment worrying that something could happen to this pregnancy as well.

You search google to see how common a repeat miscarriage is. You google your chances week by week.

They say the chance of a miscarriage after twelve weeks drops to 1%, but that does not exactly clear up your anxieties. There is always that small chance that something could still happen, right?

That is where I am at now. Twelve weeks and four days pregnant. The chances of me having another miscarriage have dropped, but I’m still scared.

Even though I have these worried feelings, I have decided to not dwell on them.

I am going to celebrate this baby. I am going to let my kids talk to my belly. I am going to take pictures and plan for the future. I am going to give this baby the love that it deserves.

Welcome to the family little baby.


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