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In this section, I will list my published books (which is only one at the moment), a bit about them and four reviews.


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From the Trees to the Sky


After becoming an orphan at sixteen and moving to the small town of Libby Montana with her uncle, Alexandra is saved from a maniac by a young man who both captivates and baffles her.
The two of them grow closer as each day passes and it is not long before she learns his secret: Finn Skye is a fallen angel.
As their hearts open to each other, it becomes obvious that Alexandra has a pure soul and is wanted by an evil angel to create an army to take over Heaven.
Her soul puts her in danger and her heart belongs to a fallen angel, what will happen to Alexandra once she is found?
Romantic and exhilarating, FROM THE TREES TO THE SKY is a must-read love story.



Review One
Rating: 5 Stars
Amazon Review
“Immediately compelling storyline. I was hooked from the prologue…and I found myself standing in line at the post office reading the book and crying! That never happens!!! Truly well written. I can’t wait to read other books by this talented author.”

Review Two
Rating: 5 Stars
Amazon Review
“I thought that this book was really good, was definitely a page-turner and left me wanting a second book!! I will recommend this book to anyone.”

Review Three
Rating: 5 Stars
Amazon Review
“Very interesting and fun to read. I enjoyed this book so much. The author did a great job. I would not put it down. I felt so many emotions and I can’t wait for the sequel.”

Review Four
Rating: 5 Stars
Goodreads Review
“Romantic and exhilarating, From the Trees to the Sky is a must-read love story!”
The last sentence in the book’s summary was what I read first. It was what drew me in and made me give this book a chance and boy am I glad I did!
I bought this book this month and flew through it, I literally did not want to put it down.
The author’s way with words made me feel as if I were actually IN the book. The scenes she created were beautiful and realistic. I was crying, I was laughing, I was even angry at a few characters!
Alexandra was perfectly written, I could feel her pain about her dead parents, I could feel her confusion towards Finn. I felt as if I was her friend. She was a very likable lead character.
Finn was amazing, how adorable is that man? The way he protects Alexa, the way he loves her and treats her, makes me want to run out and find my own fallen angel!
Aaron was by far my favorite character. He was witty, goofy, funny and yet there was a layer under all that that was serious. He seemed like a simple character but in actuality, he was quite complex!
Faye, oh what can I say about Faye? She was a bratty, know it all, pain in my rear end but I fell in love with that character and I loved how she evolved and grew with the story becoming one of the good guys. It was great!
I would 100% recommend this book to others and I HOPE the author writes a sequel, I will be one of the firsts to buy it!
Congrats to the author, Brooklynn Pendley, for writing such an incredible fantasy novel and making me a true fan!”



From the Trees to the Sky




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