Come Along With Me On This Journey I Call ‘Blogging’

So, in my last post, I vowed to try and keep up with my blog. I made an online promise to myself to attempt to keep new material on my blog at a faster pace. I made that vow in hopes that I would be able to put effort into my blog and get to… Continue reading Come Along With Me On This Journey I Call ‘Blogging’


Blogging Is Hard…But Here Is My Vow!

Blogging…it’s hard! Maybe you looked online at ways to better your writing, or maybe you googled how to make money from home and every post you read tells you to start a blog! “It’s the best!” Am I right? Trust me, I have been there! You would think that writing every day would be easy,… Continue reading Blogging Is Hard…But Here Is My Vow!

The Author

About the Author

My name is Brooklynn Pendley and I am a twenty-six-year-old mother of two living in Southern California where I spend my free time creating fictional worlds. I first started writing at the age of thirteen in Northen California, filling notebook after notebook with my ideas, characters, and worlds. Writing has always been a passion of… Continue reading About the Author

from the trees to the sky

Faye Marie

  "Her hands were trembling; did that mean that she was nervous? The almighty, tough as nails Faye Marie was showing signs of fear? This was something I had never thought I'd see in my lifetime." -A little snippet from the newest novel in the Heavenly Chaos series, From the Sky to Heaven. Faye Marie… Continue reading Faye Marie