Dear Cousins

To the cousins that I have lost touch with (Which includes my two uncles and an aunt who were so close in age with me that we considered each other cousins for so long.) I miss you. I miss playing Red Rover, Hide and Seek, Simon Says, Red Light, Green Light, Cops and Robbers, Capture… Continue reading Dear Cousins


Whose Clumsy? I’m Clumsy!

Hello blog reader, Today’s post is a serious topic for me and something I really want to bring awareness to… clumsiness. You trip, fall, bump into things, get stuck in things. We need to work together and stop clumsiness! Okay, in all actuality, I am an extremely clumsy person and just wanted to tell you… Continue reading Whose Clumsy? I’m Clumsy!

from the trees to the sky

Video From the Author!!

I made just a short video, I will be making a longer one soon where I read the prologue, talk a bit about the book in general and answer some questions I have received about 'From the Trees to the Sky'! https://youtu.be/qc2sqzheBA0   Click Here For My YouTube!! Click Here For My Amazon Page!!  … Continue reading Video From the Author!!